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Animal.Ooo:s Unique breeding tool
- The breeder's best friend

The researchers in the conservation of endangered species have for many years developed mathematical formulas to ensure that genetic diversity is not lost.

Animal.Ooo wants to be part of creating a new trend where we breeders breed with the entire population and its future in mind.

We want to focus on sustainable breeding where the long-term health and well-being of the entire breed is the goal. We will therefore provide the tools that make it possible to breed as you learn. Now all breeders can get access to the researchers' tools, but in a modern style where usability is key.

We will provide these tools completely freely with a focus on creating more health and sustainability - with the best interests of the animals in focus.

What's included

Test matings
Inbreeding coefficient
Mean kinship - You see which individuals
who contribute the most genetically to the breed
Classic pedigree view
Founder alert - tells when a founderline
is about to disappear
Graphic overview:
A completely new way of seeing the entire population.
It makes it easy to see founders, how individuals are related, follow individuals you like, find less used lines etc
Several tools are continuously added, both regarding the breeding tool that we develop together with researchers and the users. We will also provide and develop tools such as breeding calendar and reminders for vaccination, insurance, feed purchases, heat schedules etc.

Be with us from the beginning

The first associations can be involved in developing the tools and ensure that the tools are exactly what you want and need. We are open to associations that already used tools like PMX but we also welcome those of you who are curious to incorporate more conservation thinking into your breeding without having any previous knowledge.

Educations about the tools will be provided on Animal.Ooo so that everyone can understand and easily use the tools.

When we open the gates in 2023, you are all welcome to come and use the site. We welcome all species and breeds and we act internationally for all animals. However, the breeding tools can only be used by those who have sent in their breeding bases and data so they are in our system. It costs nothing to submit your breeding bases or use our tools. We exist to create more health and sustainability in the Animal Industry together with you active members.

We are already accepting breeding bases.

Welcome to contact us about the best way to send your particular database!

Together we create more health and well-being for our animals!
The team

Meet our team

We are an innovative team with a focus on creating warmth and an ethical, sustainable and healthy climate in the Animal related business for both breeders, professionals, owners and above all the animal spices and breeds.

Work with us?

Want to be one of Team Animal.Ooo?
Right now we are looking for:
Project manager & Partner Manager
Sales & marketing staff
Front end developer
Backend developer
UX Designer
We believe you love animals just like us and it is a great advantage if you have both feet in the Animal related business. We are happy to see female applicants for our development services as we are in favor of equality and diversity. Important for us to be a dynamic group - where differences are promoted just like cooperation.

We are stationed at Ekerö outside Stockholm
You have the opportunity to:
Take the new hydrofoil boat from the city
center which will take 25 minutes to us
Partly working from home
Of course, bringing animals to the workplace
Send the application to: and

Please write in the subject field which position you are looking for

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In addition to our unique breeding tool, we build and launch a social platform for breeders, professionals and owners where both you and your animal have the opportunity to have their own pages that can be connected to our breeding tool. Our services will be launched in 2023 and then develop together with you!


Do you want access to our tools?

We accept entire breeding bases - so you get access to our unique tools.

Contact your association or club and tell them about us! If you have access to the database yourself or are responsible for a database and want access to our tools, contact us at

Together we are the solution and the future

We welcome companies that want to collaborate with us and support our important work. If you, like us, are for ethical, sustainable and healthy development in the animal industry, you are welcome to support our work and cooperate with us for both national and international development where the well-being of animals is the focus!

We think that a warm climate of cooperation, research, the latest technological developments and a goal to prioritize ethics, health and sustainability - is the way to the animal welfare of the future. We want to be the driving force to get there together with other players in the animal industry.

Welcome to support us and be a part of this important journey with the best interests of the animals in focus.

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From animal lovers to animal lovers

Do you love animals just like us?
Then you are welcome to us in 2023 to become part of our site, add your animal(s) on there own pages, read about different animal species and animal sports and become part of our community.
A very warm welcome!